Voltage Stabilizers

If you have an issue with your Power Quality,

The voltage stabilizer is the solution with the best cost / benefit ratio and has proven to be very effective in preventing potentially dangerous situations caused by the instability of the input voltage. A voltage stabilizer is a power device positioned between the mains and the load. The purpose is to ensure a voltage subject to a variation much lower then the one guaranteed by the distributing system.

We are located in Northern Germany and offer high grade Voltage Stabilizers, Transfomers, Power Factor Correction units and Generators. „High Grade“ is not just a word for us, we give you up to a 5 year warranty and offer worldwide support!

2 year warranty

Electromechanical Voltage Stabilizers

Regulating Speed up to 125 Volt / sec.

Power range single phase up to 135 kVA,
Power range three phase up to 6000 kVA

Electronic Voltage Stabilizers

Regulating Speed 500 Volt / sec.

Power range single phase up to 40 kVA,
Power range three phase up to 120 kVA

ODYSSEY  –  Regulating Speed <3 milliseconds

Three Phase Power Range 160 kVA to 4000 kVA ±15% to ±30% continuously

OXYGEN  –  Regulating Speed <3 milliseconds

Three Phase Power Range 200 kVA to 3200 kVA ±10% (-40% up to 60sec)
Three Phase Power Range 200 kVA to 2000 kVA ±15% (-50% up to 60sec)

Voltage Stabilizer Operation

Our voltage stabilizers are designed to operate with a rated voltage in accordance with the International Norm IEC 60038 and are to be connected between main power supply and load.

The purpose is to supply the loads with a stabilised voltage having an input voltage variable in relation to the rated value. The highest input current is obtained with the minimum rated voltage; as the output voltage is stabilised within a close range (±0.5%), it can be considered constant.

Stabilization takes place on the ‘TRMS’ value of the voltage and is not affected by harmonic distortion in the mains.


Load Variation

Our voltage stabilizers can operate with a load variation range from 0 to 100% on each phase, the response time depends on the input voltage percentage variation and on the type of design (indicatively, it can vary between 12,5V/sec and 1300V/sec).

The voltage stabilizers are not affected by the load power factor and since regulation is performed without chopping the voltage sine wave, neither an appreciable harmonic distortion nor a phase displacement are introduced on the downstream line.



The voltage stabilizers are housed in a metal enclosure with RAL 7035 finish and IP21 protection class, suitably sized according to power rating. Depending on the model, the stabilizers are cooled by air (natural or aided convection).

Available Accessories

  • Interrupting devices
  • Load protection against over/undervoltage
  • Manual by-pass line
  • Input isolating transformer
  • SPD surge arrestor
  • EMI/RFI filters
  • IP54 protection degree for indoor and outdoor installation
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet

Factsheets available for download

Electromechanical Voltage Stabilizers

Vega Single-phase 0.3 – 25kVA  Download Factsheet
Antares Single-phase 15 – 135kVA  Download Factsheet
Orion Three-phase 2 – 250kVA  Download Factsheet
Orion Plus Three-phase 30 – 1250kVA  Download Factsheet
Sirius Three-phase 60 – 6000kVA  Download Factsheet
Sirius Advance Three-phase 60 – 4000kVA  Download Factsheet

Electronic Voltage Stabilizers

Gemini / Gemini plus Single-phase 4 – 40kVA  Download Factsheet
Aquarius / Aquarius plus Three-phase 10 – 120kVA  Download Factsheet
Odyssey Three-phase 160 – 4000kVA  Download Factsheet
Oxygen Three-phase 200 – 3200kVA  Download Factsheet

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